New Year’s Running Chimera

On Christmas Day 2015, I went for a run at about 9 a.m., wearing shorts and a long-sleeve T-Shirt. A few minutes later, I knew the long sleeves were a mistake. I was overheating, overdressed for an end-of-December run in the Philadelphia region, on a day when the average temperature is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). Sweating, I stopped to pet a white-and-brown calf, who licked my hand. One of the sheep joined the party, while the other watched us for a safe distance.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a chimera –- lower case — is “something that exists only in the imagination and is not possible in reality’’ and “an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially: an unrealizable dream.’’ Just like summer days in winter, pet calves, or New Year’s resolutions.

So here are my fantasy New Year’s running resolutions. In 2016, I shall:

–Not overtrain
–Listen to my body and stop when it hurts
–Stretch every day for at least half an hour
–Relax, it’s okay if I can’t run the 2016 Boston Marathon under 3 hours at my age
–Keep up with speed workouts
–Relax, it’s okay if I can’t keep up with speed workouts at my age
–Treat myself with a little bit of kindness.
–Not run more than 5 times a week
–Not run more than 50 miles a week.
–Go to the swimming pool
–Did I mention to relax?

Happy feet!

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